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World's Greatest Hobby
World's Greatest Hobby logoThe World's Greatest Hobby program is a campaign launched September 1, 2001 to raise public awareness of the hobby of model railroading and to make it easy for newcomers to get started. This is a program that has the backing of the Model Railroad Industry Association with funding provided by several major model railroad related manufacturers and publishers. The Four County Society of Model Engineers is proud to be participating in this program.

If you're interested in becoming part of the wonderful world of model trains, the World's Greatest Hobby site contains basic information plus a wealth of resources and links to get you going. There is an online Assistance Directory where you can find one-on-one help from a club or hobby shop in your area. We hope that many of you beginners will make use of the Assistance Directory. You'll learn a lot, get connected with the model railroad community, and make friends with people who share your interest in model railroading.

Speakers and Seminars
For those in the Central Maryland area, the Four County Society of Model Engineers offers seminars on all aspects of scale model railroading. For more information, contact Karl Bond, our Information Coordinator, or fill out this form. If you're outside our area, be sure to contact the World's Greatest Hobby web site to make your request.